The mission of Access Business and Training services is to provide business and working and ready to work professionals with the support, education and tools needed to make a business successful and grow.  Qualified individuals are the foundation of all businesses regardless of the industry.  We provide individuals with quality education in healthcare and administrative professional related fields. 

We provide quality business support through providing businesses with top notch individuals who are thoroughly vetted and trained.  We accomplish this by providing quality certification courses and career readiness, training and development classes that prepare and allow working and ready to work professionals to become more marketable in today’s competitive workforce and add value to the businesses we serve.




Cert fied Notary Signing Agent


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Access Business and Training Services is owned and operated by Ms. Andrea Barrett, CPC.  She is a Certified Professional Coder who has over 20 years administrative experience and in the healthcare medical profession working in various specialties as well as the experience of working the front end and back end of medical practices.  She has extensive experience from Supervisory, Clinic Practice Operations Management, Medical Administration, Billing Coordination, Medical Billing and Coding for both inpatient and outpatient, Insurance Verification, Insurance Credentialing, Analytical Denial Management and Tracking with Maximized Reimbursements, Customer Service Relations and Human Resources Functions.  She is a certified notary signing agent and has been a notary public since 2002 providing various notarial acts in the healthcare and private sector.  

Whether you are a new or established business, a working professional looking for a new career or to enhance your skills, our office has the business and training services you need to assist you with accessing your true potential forYOUR success.  Access to your success starts with you!


Dependability - We anticipate and prepare for all projects assigned.  We ensure that all deadlines are met and updates are given timely and as requested.  All of our files are backed up and we even have stand by staff for back up when needed.

Manageability - We offer a variety of payment options for our business and training services.  There are no hidden charges allowing you to accurately budget your expenses for the services you need.

Accountability - Access Business and Training Services gives you the benefit of allowing you to monitor the services provided to your business.  We provide monthly evaluations to ensure accuracy and timeliness.